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    Yantai Taili Automobile Tooling

    About Taili Group

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        Yantai Taili Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 on the basis of the reform of Yantai Mechanical Technology Research Institute. Yantai Mechanical Technology Research Institute, founded in 1973, is the first professional research institution specialized in die &mold research and development, and belongs to a self-financing state-owned public institution with independent accounting. In October 1979, it was classified as the second class of institute of the National Ministry of Farm Machinery; in April 1982, the National Ministry of Farm Machinery merged with the first Ministry of Machine Industry to establish the Ministry of Machine Building, and Yantai Mechanical Technology Research Institute was classified as the second class of institute of the Ministry of Machine.

        Yantai Mechanical Technology Research Institute has always been dedicated to the research of low-melting-point, medium-melting-point alloy mold and other rapid economic molds and materials as well as the study on the applied technology of mechanical sealant. It has won a number of national, provincial, ministry, municipal achievement awards, such as “the low-melting-point alloy inlaid steel composite die” won the third prize of national invention award. The rapid economic mold mainly serves the farm machinery industry and automobile industry in China. The institute cooperated with Loctite Corporation of America in the research of mechanical sealant application technology, and co-invested to found Loctite (China) Co., Ltd. in the development area of Yantai in 1986, making important contributions to the change of China’s mechanical seal system.

        After the reform, the company established the automobile industry-oriented industry direction, and the business direction with the automobile molds, auto body quick trial and automobile stamping and welding part supporting as the main business. In addition, the company gradually invested in the establishment of subsidiaries with different business directions in accordance with the development needs. At present, Taili Group has four subsidiaries: Yantai Taili Automobile Tooling Co., Ltd., Qingdao Taili Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Yantai Taili Mechanical Technology Research Institute and Qingdao Taili Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    About Taili Group

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